AGENDA for May 9, 2023

  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Roll call

Chairman – Randy Schmeling

Secretary – Mary Stalter

Township Board Representative – Cliff Maxwell

Commissioner – Herb Everss

Commissioner – Ron Neale

Recording Secretary – Linda Speece

  1. Visitors
  2. Approval of minutes from April 11, 2023 meeting
  3. Approval of agenda for May 9, 2023 meeting
  4. Scheduled Public Hearings – none
  5. Reports
  6. Zoning Administrator – Doug Kuhlman
  7. Township Board Representative – Cliff Maxwell
  8. Zoning Board of Appeals Representative – Randy Schmeling
  9. Correspondence – Randy Schmeling
  10. Old Business
  11. Discussion of text amendments


  1. New Business
  2. Public comments – limit 3 minutes
  3. Next Meeting Date June 13, 2023
  4. Adjournment






  1. Before speaking, must be recognized by the chairperson.
  2. Anyone desiring to speak will be given the opportunity to speak under the public comments sections.
  3. Please do not have independent conversations that may distract the public hearing or from allowing everyone to hear the discussions taking place regarding the hearing.
  4. All comments shall be directed to the chairperson.
  5. Comments shall always be made in a courteous manner.
  6. Comments will be limited to three (3) minutes.
  7. Speaking time may not be donated to another person for any reason.
  8. Anyone disrupting the meeting will be requested to cease such behavior or leave the public hearing.
  9. Once the public hearing is closed, no further comments will be received unless approved by the Planning Commission chairperson.