Although travel to and from the township was difficult during the early years, a stagecoach line ran from Three Rivers north to Howardsville and Flowerfield through Section 2, near the present day Pulver Road. The township plat map of 1858, reproduced on page 14, shows a very rudimentary road system; however, the early traces of what later became U.S. 131, M-60 Broadway Road, Coon Hollow Road, and Corey Lake Road and a few others can be discerned.

The Michigan constitution of 1850 had given townships the responsibilities for maintaining roads. Property owners paid a road tax, but it was possible to work out this tax by putting one or two days work on the roads each year. In 1893, the legislature passed a law permitting counties, by vote of residents, to establish road departments to build and maintain arterial roads to serve areas larger than that served by township roads. By 1905, only 18 of the state’s 83 counties had done so. St. Joseph County voted to form a Road Commission in 1912. Its first meeting was on May 4, 1912.