The first zoning in Fabius Township became effective in May 1945 under the Township Rural Zoning Act (PA 184) of 1943. What seems to be the first zoning ordinance, a two-page document entitled “Fabius Township Building Code Ordinance No. 1,” became effective in August 1960. It provided for only two districts. District No. 1 was “Residential and Resort” and included all lands adjacent to Pleasant, Little Pleasant, Clear, Corey, Kaiser, and Long Lakes. District No. 2 “Agricultural and Industrial” included everything else. Apparently, there was no map. In the mid 1970’s, with the help of Vilican-Leman & Associates, community planning consultants from Southfield, Michigan, the zoning board prepared a more extensive ordinance and the first zoning map of the township. Its first draft was completed in January 1974. The fourth and final draft was adopted as Ordinance No. 15 in November 1977. Members of the Zoning Board who developed this ordinance were Rev. Ewald, Henry Gleason, Paul Jacobs, Virgil Jors, Kline, Sisson, and W.P. Smith. In the early 1990’s the Zoning Board prepared the Township’s first General Development Master Plan with the assistance of Rand Bowman of the Southcentral Michigan Planning Council. The Plan was submitted to the Township Board in July 1991, revised in December 1991, and adopted by the Township Board in May 1993. Members of the board who prepared the master plan were Thomas H. Doherty, Chairman; Larry Campbell, Merle Godber, Richard Maurer, Bruce Monroe, Clare C. Muehlberger, and Barbara Sweder-Juarez.

To incorporate some of the provisions of the new 1993 master plan, to eliminate some undesirable industrial uses, to control intensive livestock operations, and to make the zoning ordinance more user-friendly, the ordinance was extensively revised and reformatted in two phases in 1996 and 1997. Members of the board who revised the ordinance included William Hokanson, chairman; Robert L. Johnson, vice chairman; Richard Maurer, acting secretary; Ricky Starks, Barbara Sweder-Juarez, Lane Wells, and Thomas O. Wilson. The basic Zoning Ordinance is currently Ordinance No. 65, effective September 30, 1997, although it has since had 10 amendments.

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